Qualities of a Good Naija Newsnow News Channel

As a senior living showcasing proficient, it may be overwhelming to approach the media with a story idea. However, with a bit of information on what makes a story convincing, you will be better prepared to try out your thought with certainty.

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Regardless of whether you need inclusion for a Naija Newsnow fantastic new program your local area is running or have an extraordinary occasion coming up, Donald Murray, a previous essayist and composing mentor at the Boston Globe, says there are seven components to an uplifting news story. You ought to comprehend them before you make a pitch!


You need to have substantial insights regarding the who, what, when, where, and why. At the point when journalists disregard your pitches, it is expected since they need substance. Consider current realities and subtleties before you pitch a story, making sure to likewise think about the coordinations. The chance that you need an outlet to cover an occupant’s birthday, for instance, ensure you check with the inhabitant first and affirm they would even need to address a journalist!


Your story pitch might be of most extreme significance to you, yet shouldn’t something be said about the power source’s perusers, audience members, or watchers? The chance that you are not thinking about the crowd, it is conceivable you will strikeout. Remember, nonetheless, that regardless of whether your pitch isn’t especially news-commendable (for example, what a paper would, for instance, need to run on their first page), editors need thoughts to include stories that they figure their perusers.

Core Interest

A decent story is restricted and centered. In advertising, we regularly need a columnist to get every one of the subtleties; however, you will be frustrated with the outcome. Recollect what your center story thought is and keep on track in your pitch. You, at last, can’t handle how a columnist chooses to report. However, you can assist them with deciding the story point.


Uplifting news stories offer perusers’ points of view. Once more, your story thought may be of incredible interest to your local area. Yet, correspondents are regularly receptive to a pitch with more extensive ramifications past the senior living local area you address. Is there a more significant pattern or issue you could tie your pitch back to? For instance, on the off chance that you needed to test out a story thought regarding another artistry program, is there a neighborhood or general pattern you could reference in your pitch to draw in a peruser?


Great stories incorporate characters. Consider who will be the essence of the story you pitch. Whomever you set forward – and you should present various sources to improve your prosperity – ought to comprehend and be energetic about the story. They ought to likewise be responsive and able to return to a correspondent in an ideal way.